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I just met @Mix on video call, and he wanted to know whether this proposal matches the maintenance OC as "maintenance work" and how should we go about actually funding this. One important constraint is that 6000 NZD was a bit too much to take from maintenance OC, in his perspective.

We ended up finding a plan that's good for us all, and it means invoicing in 3 phases:

  1. 2000 USD from OC/secure-scuttlebutt-consortium after 83h are done
  2. 2000 USD + VAT from OC/access after +83h are done
  3. 2000 USD from OC/scuttlebutt-maintenance after +83h are done

Added up, 6000 USD is roughly the same as 5645 EUR that I initially estimated. And because I'm not sure how much time I need, it might be that I'm done with 100h, which means I would invoice (2) only partially, and (3) not at all. Or it could be I'm done with 200h, which means I invoice (1) and (2) in full and (3) just partially. In other words, I can invoice by hours worked to get this done, and I don't need to take all the 6000 USD. So I have a deadline of 250h, and given that I already accomplished a lot with 32h so far, I'm fairly optimistic I won't need the whole 6000 USD.

cc @elavoie

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