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Pluralistic Social Network

At the funding the commons conference I joined a group of people chatting about how to make social media better. This guy when on in quite some detail about how it should be built so it’s shaped around the users and their social graph. With groups which are self managed, without a single cloud provider running everything.

I thought for sure he was talking about #scuttlebutt but it turns out he wasn’t even aware of our protocol. Not everything he laid out is exactly the same as what we’re doing, but it’s really close. Especially as we get to private groups and feed formats that allow for requesting peers stop hosting (delete) content.

Dominic has scuttlebutt has described as a subjective social network. I often use the metaphor for Scuttlebutt that what you can see being based on a light in the forest. The forest is bigger than what’s illuminated by your light, but your experience of it is based on what’s visible.

Now that I think about it the dark forest at night might not be a great way to describe a healthy future we’re building and is more like the broken systems we’re trying to replace.

Instead of using the name subjective the theoretical social network was called a pluralistic social network. Interesting way of framing it. Plural was the other name we were considering for Planetary.

The paper comes from an academic perspective with referenced social science research to describe and justify a Scuttlebutt style protocol. I think it’d be good to have some more open discussions about groups to make sure that the designs meet the various different structures and needs of people. Not all groups should work the same way.

I’m hoping to get the author, Wes Chow, on Scuttlebutt so he see how what he describes relates to what we’re building.

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Wow I started reading some of the green paper and there are a lot of words/concepts I don’t understand but the overall themes sound very compelling and aligned with what we are doing. I’ve been using the word subjective a lot to try to describe SSB but I like the term “pluralistic” better. It’s less… individualistic? And while fundamentally SSB offers a lot of freedom to the individual, it requires a lot of community cooperation to facilitate replication and moderation. I will to try to read the whole paper this week.

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