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#Manyverse Starchart :stars:

Copied from our Wiki page

While our Roadmap sets the direction for epics we'll work on next, the Starchart is higher-level and sets the direction for themes we'll work on next. The Roadmap is organized based on the themes defined in the Starchart.

Starchart for 2022-2023

  1. S.O.S.
    • Sustainability
    • Onboarding
    • Safety
  2. Ready for Market
    • Promotability
    • Re-education
    • Usability
      • Effectiveness
      • Safety
      • Efficiency
      • Satisfaction
  3. Ecosystem
    • Interoperability
    • Complementarity

1. :sos: Save Our Souls

S.O.S. stands for Sustainability, Onboarding, and Safety. These are 3 important themes to "rescue" SSB.

Sustainability is about preventing storage usage from growing indefinitely. If Manyverse keeps consuming more storage, the more activity there is, it can hit some limits. There are hard limits, such as 4.3 GB for the log size, after which the database stops working. There are soft limits, like for some users "X" GB used up is a deal breaker, where "X" varies. We need to work on ways to keep the storage usage limited while still allowing a constant inflow of content.

Onboarding is about facilitating the installation of Manyverse and initial sync of social data. There are lots of people interested in SSB but they find it difficult to join. We need to make invites immediately useful, and we need to make sure that initial sync is quick enough and users can quickly get to browse social content after they accept an invite.

Safety is about protecting communities and individuals from abuse, and systemic patterns of abuse due to our technology. We need to equip users with features that allow them to define community boundaries or personal boundaries and to easily exclude boundary infringers from interaction.

2. :bullettrain_front: Ready for Market

Usability. This is about reaching Manyverse 1.0 and leaving beta. We need to have all essential features expected in a social networking app. "Usability" is comprised of: (1) safety, (2) effectiveness, (3) efficiency, (4) satisfaction. We might have (2) but we need to ensure that most features are "safe" (do not crash, do not irrecoverably break the account), "efficient" (are frictionless enough to keep the user in their state of flow, not thinking and struggling with the user interface), and "satisfactory" (makes their lives better as they use it).

Promotability. At this point we should be able to openly recommend Manyverse to our target audiences.

Re-education. We need to give users a frictionless journey from installing the app to understanding how it's different, how it works, and how to "own" it and take care of it, since we're not a service.

3. :national_park: Ecosystem

Interoperability and complementarity. Manyverse is not aiming for having all the features one can imagine for a social app context. We want to enable the SSB ecosystem of apps we don't control to grow, and for that we need to easily allow other apps to "log-in" to the account in Manyverse and interface with the account's data.

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The usability keeps improving with every release. It's why I think the future is bright <3

I honestly think the ecosystem will come after that's more mature.

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