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Say Hello To Multiple Identities

identity switcher.png

The image above is a link to a youtube video, I tried making the video short and compressing the hell out of it, but I couldn't get it to fit in 5mb to attach as a blob, sorry. I encourage readers to watch the video, it is pretty cool.

This is just the initial support for multiple identities, a glimpse of the future of Patchfox. It is early days for both multiple identities and also for go-ssb support, but I'm really excited about all this and wanted to share.

All that you've seen here is being worked on the multiple-identities branch, feel free to test things out as well.

I'm very thankful to the supporters on Patchfox Open Collective and also for the Handshake Council, it has been through the generous grants and donations received that I have been able to have time to focus on Patchfox.

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photo_2021-07-22 22.21.31.jpeg
behind the scenes glimpse of me making that video.

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👆 warning for headphone users 🙉

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@moid yes, different servers running different feeds. The this one and the go based one are running on my Macbook, the other one @SoapDog was running on a Surface Go that I could connect over LAN.

This is not metafeeds stuff, this is plain old SSB. There is no reason for clients to assume localhost, or even just to connect to a single server. When I noticed that Patchfox already used one connection per tab, I quickly realise that to implement multiple identities/connections was just a matter of selecting a different connection when the tab opens.


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some potential use cases for this feature:

  • For users with many devices (and many feeds), this makes it easier to manage them all from a single client when you're in your home.
    • You can set a fixed IP per device on your home router thus making it easier to save remote connection configuration.
  • For people developing new SSB servers, this allows them to try their stuff out while still running their main identity. No need to switch them off or run another client.
  • If you have some thematic feed that has a specific purpose, and you had to switch environment variables to run it, this will make it a lot easier. Metafeeds will make this use case very easy and more powerful but while it is still being developed, this feature is a good way to go.
  • You can keep a headless raspberry pi or vps running SSB server 24/7 and connect to it, tightbeam style.
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@farewellutopia-dev if I knew you were doing this, I would have tried to implement this earlier :-)

I hope to ship this in the next update, maybe just disable the other kinds of backends for now (aka force all accounts to load the nodejs-ssb version of the backend, which is the only one that currently works).

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This is great, we support multiple identities in @Planetary but with a UI that's so cumbersome that i doubt many people even know it's there. It's great to see it showing up elsewhere and better done.

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