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SSB network graph (from my database) edition 2021-10-25

I made a new dump of my entire SSB DB in terms of users (nodes) and their relationships (the lines aka edges) and plotted them to a "map" of sorts using @andrestaltz's graphml plugin and Gephi.

When I did my post last year I was sitting at 16k users (or nodes) (visible from where I was).
After making that graph I scaled my replication down to "2" (so friends and friends of friends) and started blocking major pubs.

This new graph now sits at 32.691 users (or nodes). There has been "some" growth visible from where I'm standing (notice I don't have the entire network on my own computer. I select what and who I want to follow.

Something not visible in this graph is the growing number of solo-users (users that most likely connected to me on wifi/room that I decided to load some data from, but not follow). These solo-users ended up being spread out over a huge 100x100k pixel range far beyond the active center... I decided to cut them away as to not have to deal with a huuuuge picture, just ask and I'll give you the full-size svg though ;)


New users (less than one year old) are blue, users that have been around for 1-4 years are yellowish, users that are as old as SSB are marked in red.

The black dot is me (the account posting this message)

Node size

The more connections (follow/being followed) the bigger

Full-size image of the graph: (warning 60mb)

Legenda of some major points on the graph: (also around 60mb)

Want to find yourself in my graph? reply below and I'll find you!

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Awesome! I've been intending to do this but haven't found the time. The number 32k surprised me

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I'm super curious where I am... and wonder if some of the clusters of blue down at the bottom might be @Planetary users who are bootstrapped in to some the pubs I run.

Mind doing one with mine, my @Rabble planetary identity?

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Pretty cool to see that PicoPub (which I closed down about 1.5 years ago) has slowly crawled back into the main network graph (meaning that a fair amount of users that connected to the pub has integrated strongly into the greater community around me; pretty cool! the active users weren't alienated to a corner of the network when i shut the pub down). the pub also connects to a lot of users that are either as old as the pub itself or up to 2 years younger (pretty much till the day invite-codes became a secret).

not sure if I can draw conculsions from that, but PicoPub probably onboarded a fair few users :).


It's sad but also pretty cool that we'll probably never get stats on the performance of rooms (since rooms don't create relations, follow people, etc in the same way).

I'll dive a bit into making Gephi files when ssbdb2 comes out to see if I/we can detect more "islands" in the SSB-room era ;)

Thanks Andre for making such an amazingly cool tool allowing me to make these fancy graphs!

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Other view of the same graph:

Blue dots: no new activity (in my log) for at least a year-ish
Red dots: activity in the last year-ish


High res:

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The more connections (follow/being followed) the bigger

I think that part isn't actually part of the viz anymore, right? The nodes all seem to be same size.
Was that an omission in the script or a left-over explainer in the text? :P
I'd be interested to see this with node scaling.

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