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Re: %ypnl2xLQg

You, emile and anyone else is more than welcome to pick any lane they want, or even to invent their own or drive between them. The distressing part is that they seem to do so primarily to piss everyone else off at the moment. Calls to let a topic rest do tend to happen when someone brings that topic up, over and over, taking a borderline-aggressive tone, certainly one of entitlement, with clear unwillingness to actually discuss or move forward in any constructive way (cf "I won't see replies" which has been used quite a bit by emile).

I have to say this has been quite stressing for me over the last few days. As @@ wrote, nobody is building a career on this. The people who are being actually paid to work on ssb just so happen to work exactly on the thing that emile called "vaporware", with all the results being freely available already. I don't know how much stress this kind of thing is causing them right now either. Those that haven'd decided to block/ignore them yet that is.


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