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multi-feed notifications

I'm using multiple devices and am impatient to be able to read notifications across all devices. I want to hack together a multi-feed notification page for patchbay.


  • in settings, specify which feedId's you want to be feeding your /notifications
  • start multiple pull-streams and channel them through the view
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  • Can mention a fusion identity and all members can use that as notification


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I think my fear was that something might be built which becomes the defacto standard, and it hasn't been thought through that clearly so we inherit a bunch of technical debt. It's hard because sometimes you don't know till you try, and sometimes it won't happen if you don't try something. e.g. "forks" in ssb threads are a clunky ill-defined ... I hesitate to use the word standard IMO, and we just have to work around that now.

Yeah I'm confident that building this feature will be useful to the fusion identity spec.

I've also imagined that it might be nice to have different "saved views" for collections of identities - like "messages from my family" which is a stream of all new notifications from my bob / alanna / my sister etc. Because sometimes I'm only in the mood for

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Now that Patchfox supports multiple identities, I plan to craft a little view that lets you see a unified mentions for all of them.

I'd be keen to steal your code help finding out a good pull-stream to calculate that.

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I'm more in the camp of "if it's in the public (unencrypted) space" I don't want to gloss over what's possible and pretend there's safety where there is not.
Another way of handling the "easy" feature is that it publishes a message about a view you're calculating, so at least others can observe what you're doing.

If you're worried about privacy, the solution is private groups IMO.

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I don't think that is the case with Patchfox since to add new identities, you need to load the secret file for that identity into Patchfox. You can't simply name a feed id yours.

In the past, I talked here about maybe using a new message — which iirc I called groupWith — that would be sent by both identities, not unlike the mythical sameAs, but would only be used for grouping mentions and helping you add your own identities as recps in private msgs. That could still be useful.

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[...] enabling stalking (by making it trivial to subscribe to mentions for another person, rather than yourself). the mitigation mentioned was to make it consentful and two-way [...]

Another option could be to make it not trivial but instead more weighty, to make it clear that the action is to publish a message asserting that some other feed is yours (and have the option be in a menu or settings screen rather than appearing conspicuously on every profile page). Then social norms should inform its use: if someone is sameAs-ing feeds that obviously are not theirs, that would be weird.

I think some uses might require reciprocal identity assertions, but some might not.

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