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Re: %i6AZ+6Sds

Ok, that mixed command names was confusing me. Now I understand ;)

I would like to make that next line send you 1 LOVE (DU Cent). #g1thx @cel

A simple bash script doing

  • "sbotc | jq" to monitor it
    • #g1thx detected?
      convert 'ssb secret' and @cel pubkey to silkaj dunikey pubsec file and base58 format
      Is Wallet provisioned?
      • No: Send post to emiter to warn for empty wallet
      • Yes: silkaj TX of 1 Love from @emitter to @cel !!
        notify good/bad run in "g1signal" signalisation type ssb message (for retry or not redo)

Do you see the picture?
This should work... I must try.

If you wish to give help on "sbotc | jq" part, i'll be pleased to merge our coding

@Fred %KSoXyKoqqvexBZDfai9N4257iXiEUiqbwxd3knthecc=.sha256

I have this script running, sending #g1 to writer's wallet following my likes ♥️
I have included self dependancy install and configuration... It is checked with debian10
Do you want to try?

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