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The Plan


Both Nico and I are directly connected to organizations that are actively working with distributed technologies and communities: Alter Mundi & APC (Nico); Coolab & Digital Democracy (Luandro). We are also both active in various other online communities.

Despite of that, this funding from the SSB community is important for us to kickstart such a project as it would be hard to secure funding elsewhere to work on the usability aspects of p2p tech for communtity networks. We hope that the process and the outcomes will have been enough to have gotten communities and networks engaged in co-creating the experience and in having conversations around data-sovereignty and the importance of distributed protocols. As the LibreRouter has shown, having engaged communities around a "product" is the best way to secure it's further development and maintainance.

These are the tasks we believe that need acomplishing in order to improve each area, and how much time we estimate it would take to achieve them.

Access-point device ~ 50h

  • Definition of the requirements for a hardware device to act as AP and service provider, and tests to be done in order to ensure they are met (community gathering)
  • Research on what devices are available in the market that fit this criteria
  • Purchase of the selected devices (1800 USD)
  • Tests devices to filter out those that don't seem to fit the criteria
  • Purchase a set of the selected devices and ship to Argentina and Brazil to test in communities

Base software ~ 50h

  • Definition of requirements for base OS for AP, service providers and tests to be done in order to ensure they are met (community gathering)
  • Test diferent alternative options that came out of the gathering, and report back

Community Portal ~ 50h

  • Definition of common patterns for local community centered user experience (community gathering)
  • Development of portal that leverages p2p communication
  • Iterate based on feedback from communities on the prototype

LibreRouterOS ~ 50h

  • Definition of the integration with LibreRouter OS captive-portal (community gathering)
  • Development of integration with LibreRouter OS

We calculate a total of 200 hours of work would be necessary to achieve a prototype. We'll be using a base rate of 25 USD an hour, which totals to 6800 USD (work + hardware). Based on our agendas, the thoughtful discussions that need to happen and the distributed nature of our team, we estimate to have prototypes in the hands of communties by the first-quarter of 2022.

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