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@andrestaltz %fJ4mTcYq3Za7l84pcIGSoXHAp0D6W+vgVNeCe9lQbH4=.sha256

Rather than starting from scratch, it would be very smart to just continue where Sunrise Choir has stopped: &

@Daan %Sb+dWSdGurI3mD/q28FaWrDDY1DYEwrKxQAC+1ivOZM=.sha256

I'm with @andrestaltz, #sunrise-choir went pretty far.

I'm also with @David GΓ³mez [ Desktop ] in that we should have a "new core" implementation. The crucial thing for me about this is not what stack it uses, but rather that the core must not be implemented in JavaScript. Not (just) because I still dislike the language and ecosystem, but also because even after a bunch of spec, doc, and implementation work, there is just one workable core and that is the one that has grown over time in the JS ecosystem. This is not to diminish the work that Andre, Anders, and many others have done to "de-cruft" the JS stack, but IMHO if it turns out that it is too hard to un-marry the SSB protocol/formats from JS, then we have bigger issues...

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@Daan %762fJs1fpbjFf/x33A+IcuuUcMjKLMO3OysS0498R2w=.sha256

Dammit I keep forgetting about #go-ssb, thanks for that @moid πŸ˜†
Yes that seems viable as well then.

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@andrestaltz %FBF/Woh0e5tvvyABb+9NkzOMLZrYoqrPn2VyNDjsaB4=.sha256

Oh yeah, and yes to go-ssb, I think my mind filtered that one out because I don't think it has an open collective and the original post is about fund matching on projects that currently have active crowdfunding. If @cryptix is up for it, I think it should have an Open Collective or LiberaPay or some form of visible crowdfunding system.

@Daan, I like Rust and Sunrise Choir (I also like JS, I also like Go) but I believe it still needs a lot of catching up to do with JS, so whatever tech stack is "most ahead" will be defacto core. In that regards, go-ssb is further than Sunrise Choir, also because in ssb-ngi-pointer it caught up with ssb-js (e.g. implementing EBT) and should catch up even more with the new work on partial replication.

@Daan %dseeBdPVYBn7Sf8xEZ3goh+hF4Pgk+E5pcWACbb8n/E=.sha256

@andrestaltz yes no question about sunrise-choir still needing a lot of features. As I said, I'm more interested in something non-js becoming core than that something being a specific stack. go-ssb fits the bill. πŸ‘

@Anders %hpsqAeOUEEAUkB8gcVxP01/srL1jO2oQLprRqSFs0qc=.sha256

If we were to think along those lines I think it is important to look at what people could steward that process. The obvious candidate for Go would be @cryptix but he will be working full time after the ngi grant. Maybe @cblgh has an interest after becoming go zen master with the ngi grant? Less clear about the rust situation. Maybe @piet? @glyph has been working on a rock solid validate implementation for the ngi grant.

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@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %CS6spaq/f2fXumSEiyRwQ82hrVnRsSqrHVPReZYIIe4=.sha256

I would suggest building on the incredible work from @cryptix and putting resources toward go-ssb.

I like that. Go is very cross-platform, that helps a lot.

Still, I'd like to see more work towards having "ssb client libraries" in other languages, so that developers would be able to use more languages to develop clients even though the clients will be connecting to go-ssb or js-ssb

@luandro %YfFWHAURaRwpUpenbHAF2HCdVON2K0PnAWQnbjIawkA=.sha256

I resonate with @arj and @glyph. Maybe we should think less about the language and more about the team to work on this. Are the people available and willing to work more familiar with Go, Rust or C?

I personally think either one would be amazing to fund. More importantly would be to have a solid team working passionately and being well payed for their contributions, and maintaining a constant income flow so that the development doesn't stale.

@cryptix %7PQH1t7MMYj058TlQIT+lCf93NEESV1szjIkxnDiDX0=.sha256

Not much to add, agree with everything said here, especially @glyph and @Luandro.

Past NGI-Pointer is hard for me to tell right now but I'd be down to have calls regularly (like every other week for instance) and help with insights if people want to take over go-ssb or learn more about it. Beyond it's hard for me to tell how the new job will develop and money is less of an issue then having time for myself.

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@mikey %8xcwn7hY3QLFyH38QZ4yGKJdGvaOFTA/X5bQ0KUGriA=.sha256

yes please, i'd love a better Scuttlebutt core (or even just specs) πŸ™ 🌱

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