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Problem with Planetary mobile app for iOS update to version 0.1.11?

Wonder if anyone else had an issue with the latest update today for #planetary for #ios because when I opened the updated app it complained about something to do with a problem opening my files and I tried the retry a few times, then the ignore. But ignore did not open the last downloaded files and instead took me to a new startup with a new profile name etc. So I abandoned going further with that as I had already set up a mobile profile.

This is pretty disheartening as I just started using the app a few days ago and got everything set up with that profile etc. This has really put me off now. Don't want to start using something and pumping time into it and I lose my profile, friends, etc. I tried rebooting the phone but the app now starts up as if nothing has been setup. Really disheartened about this as I really liked this app. But if it's going to trash my profile, what good is that?

This was moving from version 0.1.10 to version 0.1.11.

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Hi @Rabble not sure if anyone else has had this issue?

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Hey @Danie that's terrible. I'm not sure what's going on.

So planetary stores data in two places. Your keys / identity is stored in the apple keychain along with a few small bits of info about the current state of your feed, like sequence number. Then the rest of the files like the database and images are stored in a folder which iOS only lets planetary touch. If you delete the app, it'll delete that folder of local feeds and files but NOT your identity.

So if your local files / database are corrupted or it couldn't load it in time before a timeout, it'll suggest you create a new account. It won't delete your other one you can switch which you're using in the advanced settings menu.

The best option is to go in and delete the app from your phone, re-install it, and then give it some time to sync while it downloads your feed. It won't let you post / follow / like until it's got your feed reconstructed to prevent forking.

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Great thanks I'll give that a try. If it works that is a great recovery at least.

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The bugs in 0.1.11 have been fixed in 0.1.12... well the profile and directory bugs anyway.

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All very good now with #planetary and I must say the post updates are much quicker. The app is feeling very stable and I'm enjoying using it. It's impressive how it saves multiple profiles and recovers them after a re-install.

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