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what licenses do you publish with for SSB work?

All work I develop on my own is MIT.

why have you chosen what you’ve chosen?

In my experience, most licenses are unenforceable unless you're a large project with money or visibility. Having pretty words on a contract signify very little if there is no way to enforce it. Companies that just want to use your stuff without contributing back, will do so even with the GPL. There are a ton of violators of the GPL out there, and some who comply but in a way that doesn't actually help. Apple for example was famous for throwing unorganised source code in a zip file across the wall, that was enough to comply with the GPL and didn't really helped any of the projects.

These days companies can be built on top of FOSS source code, extract a profit, be essentially proprietary by tying the FOSS code to proprietary backends, and be done with it. Just look at Safari and Chrome, both have the same grandad: KHTML. Now, look where the KDE Browser and KHTML are right now. Nowhere.

Also, I have been bullied by FOSS activists in Brazil multiple times, and that has biased my own personal choices away from GPL, FSF, and adjacent activism groups. I still like KDE people though.

So, I spent some time reflecting, do I care if a company uses my stuff in a proprietary package? And I don't. They wouldn't be contributing back anyway. I'd rather use a permissive license, and let each block fall on it's own little container. Those who want to contribute will do so, because they want to, not because they're forced to throw a source-bomb across the wall. The project will advance slower, and maybe proprietary forks or versions will be better, I don't care about any of that.

what experiences have you had as a result of license choices?

MIT is quite stress free to be honest. Just a couple times I had people barking at me, forking, and relicensing my stuff GPL because bulling warms their heart. I rather have these people fork and move away than deal with their belief system.

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