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Support Manyverse with quadratic funding on Gitcoin

Last year, cblgh tried out quadratic funding for Cabal via Gitcoin and OSC, and it was a great success: it was the 2nd most funded project, with $1535 from individuals and $5154 quadratically funded by sponsors. @cblgh encouraged me to apply, so here we go!

The deal is different this time, there's no partnership between OSC and Gitcoin, so it's just Gitcoin doing their quadratic funding grant rounds. It seems to be mostly for Web3 projects, and this means you can only donate ETH or tokens, but we applied anyway and we passed!

:star: :arrow_right:

You can donate your spare ETH, and it'll be quadratically boosted, so even a tiny amount is very meaningful! If you don't have ETH but want to contribute, then spreading the word is very useful too. The funds will be sent to Manyverse's Open Collective, and we'll work on bringing Manyverse desktop to parity with Patchwork, and putting partial replication in production (meaning: DB development, UI development, UX design). Thanks in advance :pray:

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