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Just watched the last segment of John Oliver's about #bolsonaro and the elections:

In the show he says, and multiple sources on the web seem to say the same, that the number of firearms in private hands "doubled to more than 2M since 2018." However,, according to wikipedia they already had 17.5M back in 2017. That would put them at 8.5 guns per 100 people. The US of A are the gold standard here with 120/100 which is just... insane...
Anyhow, so if Brazil's number of guns in private hands grew a bit between 2017 and 2018, and then doubled since 2018, that would put them a bit above 20/100, that is a little ahead of Germany and France. That doesn't sound so bad actually, at the face of it. Of course, it's very different if the prospect is that these weapons will actually be used for democracy ending shoot-outs.

I'm probably misunderstanding something here, would love if someone who knows more could point me the right way.

Also, best of luck to everyone in, around, and with loved ones in Brazil. Looks like this will be rough... 😐

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Things are really tense, but I get the feeling that everyone is mostly excited to see the motherfucker out of power. As much as I love to see crazy shit going on, I don't think they'll have enough support to try a coop or anything like that.

Lula definately isn't great, as he was responsible for the project that did the biggest damage to several indigenous communities and the environment, Belo Monte, and he's being labeled as some great lefty leader like Mandela, which he's definately not (not even left I'd say). But between being shot in the eye, and in the hands, it's an easy choice.

Elections are happening next Sunday. I don't personally take part of it, but excited to see the numbers.

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