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@farewellutopia %dA3tAFWgnlXarzapgH+dw/NJrJStO8qjXu8CUIvCviw=.sha256

As #scuttlesaurus now supports running in browsers I'm writing this message and see if it shows up in my in-browser client on

@farewellutopia %SB00NHSQy+HvL7se7z2+9yPsms9x7RXi8knu3H8d7n4=.sha256

2 Minutes later:

@luandro %iQT2HgqbYk1VgWdl+sCtXY95PA7GaysvpblO7U4ef3E=.sha256

That's really cool!

@farewellutopia %zOtl+uM/bWCzkotQhA9IcH5ZuvZbyeRbQW3nZStz2rY=.sha256

Thanks @Luandro Pàtwy!

I'm having fun working on it and I'm learning a lot. But as the functionality is way behind @arj's great #ssb-browser library, I'm not sure if the code could be of practical use. Its main "features" reflect more personal preferences than functional requirements:

  • no nodejs/npm/commonjs/browserify
  • no callbacks
  • no pull streams
  • very few dependencies (only deno standard libraries and sodium)

If there is community interest in this project I would be thrilled about getting a grant allowing me to spend most of my dwindling capacity to work on this project - for now its just a meditative recreational activity🧘‍♂️💻.

@luandro %O2TCv2GvqA57yUZ20P2V2evUW2R/78Es3ApWh987/RY=.sha256

I'm totally for all those functional requirements! But yea, it's probably gonna take a while for this to mature, but seems totally worth it.

If ur interested in continuing to work on this with a grant let us know how we can support ur efforts.

Great work!

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