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@andrew 🐝 and @atomrc joined #Manyverse!

As I posted some weeks ago, I felt the need to hire a full-stack develeoper to work on features and fixes. Within a few days, we found 2 candidates that were perfect. They both only had Fridays available, so it made sense to hire both, as their combined dedication would mean 60+ hours per month, and we can collaborate as a team of 3 developers every Friday.

Say hello to Andrew Chou and Thomas Belin! Andrew works at Digital Democracy on Mapeo, a peer-to-peer mapping app for indigenous communities (which I also briefly worked on), and is thoroughly familiar with the tools we use in Manyverse: nodejs-mobile, Electron, React Native. Thomas works at Wire and is a Cycle.js expert, great at using various tools and digging deep into the stack, and we've met a couple times in Cycle.js conferences too!

Both of them are great at communicating over GitHub/GitLab, and enthusiastic to work with Manyverse, so I'm absolutely confident they will boost our project! And it's going to be fun working with them too. Thomas is starting mid-March, and Andrew started this week, already fixing two bugs!

This is going to happen for a limited time, over 2 or 3 months, and they will be paid with the funds donated to our Open Collective, while I'm going to work mostly unpaid (using my savings) on doing some surgical changes to SSB.

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