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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Moving forward with bendy butt (the meta feed feed format). Thanks to test vectors from @cryptix we have the happy path of encoding and decoding covered. Been working an a module to use that so that it looks something like this:

sbot.metafeeds.getOrCreate((err, mf) => {
  // lets create a new chess feed
  mf.getOrCreateFeed('chess', 'classic', (err, feed) => {
    sbot.db.publishAs(feed, {
      type: 'chess-move',
    }, (err) => {
      if (err) console.error(err)  

Still a long way before this can be used in production, at least we can persist these new messages in the database and get them out again. We have been talking about building small example applications to show how these things can be used to build things.

The work on bendy butt meant we had to come up with a spec for binary encoding SSB concepts. Lets a thousand butt formats bloom 🌷

As for replication, EBT has supported binary tranfers since version 8, and we have added some RPCs to be used together with meta feeds for partial replication.

Very much in flux all of this, thought I would share what I have been up to since the last update.

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