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Bureaucracy is really eating up our time, but it's moving and we'll soon start buying the equipment.

For the Intranet I'm thinking on getting:

For the Meshtastic LoRa setup:

The Wisblock will be connected to the Raspberry through USB for power and data, so ideally we'd communicate to an app with the board through serial. Options are to create an API that exposes the python API over http for apps to consume or Meshtastic-python/pull/74, to expose Python over http.

The Intranet + LoRa and a TP-Link WDR 3500/3600/4300 running LibreRouter OS will go inside a 20x16x8cm waterproof case connected through a short ethernet cable to each other.

The case with everything will be put on top of a building (house or school) in a pole and kept as high as possible, so that the LoRa radio and the WiFi radio get's better reach. In case of WiFi both for people acessing the intranet access point as well as future WiFi mesh extensions that might happen.

Both router and Pi will be powered by a 150W panel + 70ah battery + 10a PWM controller solar setup that will go to each of the 3 villages that will receive the intranet.

Is having a 12v fan enough to keep everything cooled while inside a box in the amazon heat?

The solar setup seems a bit to small for all this gear, is a way to sleep and wake the Raspberry?

The Pi will run Docker and through it various services:

I haven't had a Pi 4 to test yet, so I'm not yet sure how it'll handle. And besides we have no idea how much use different services will have. Only way is leaving at the villages for some time and try to collect data.

Which is another important topic. Offline data collection. Ideally We'd write a script that publishes OpenWRT collectd data, Pi memory data (CPU, RAM, storage) and Meshtastic statistics to SSB, so that anyone going to town and syncing through the Internet will be seamlessly sending this data through.

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