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Exporting Gathering to Calendar


Among the unique features of Patchfox is the ability to export any gathering to an iCalendar file that can be used with most calendaring solutions.

Of course, if the gathering changes in SSB, you need to export a new file since that can happen automatically without Patchfox becoming some sort of iCal/WebDAV calendar server (which it can't because webapps can't listen on TCP sockets). Still, that solution is great and helps you not to miss your gatherings as your chosen calendar solution is usually integrated with notifications in your devices.

All the SSB meetings that I managed to attend on time happened because I exported them and added them to my calendar.

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and yes, I used a past event for the gif, I can't attend it because it is already over :-P I just made the gif after missing the event. I was working at the time and couldn't join :-(

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