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There's a very high chance of seeing Aurora's on Sat Okt 30 from 17:00 UTC towards Sun Okt 31 02:00 AM; with the Epicenter being roughly around 18:00-19:00 UTC.

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NOAA and satellite maintainers are calling this CME the biggest so far in the New solar cycle; so we're in for a fun ride!

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true, we only really good northern lights at 00:45 CET and by that time I was fast asleep (and mist had taken over our area anyway). Turns out it was quite the spectacle though as folks in Scotland & Terschelling (the netherlands) managed to see the lights too with their eyes and subsequently make pics of them

Red northern lights are hard to spot though.

That said, a little tail in the wake of the CME flared some nice lights last night and I was able to shoot some nice pics from my apartment window:

IMG_4380 smol.jpg

Nothing extreme though, My warning system's pretty good now; I might make a quick trip to Abisko/Kiruna if a warning like this comes early again :)

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