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Re: %VS6CV7kYB

This is a surprise! Certainly looks like it was a lot of work, implementing EBT, muxrpc in Kotlin, the UI, etc. I hope to test it out soon.

I'm curious, when you mentioned interoperability with Manyverse, did you mean that both Tremola and Manyverse are in the same device? Powersource and @wakest and I were just a few days ago talking about that possibility (specifically about a private chat-only SSB app!) and how to do the interop. In fact this is related to #metafeeds and #fusionidentity since we want both apps to refer to the "same person", and there has to be a way of linking these two SSB IDs together in a totally automatic way. We came up with a concept that should fix this, I'm calling it "A2A transfers" (app-to-app transfers) which is a way of bootstrapping one app's database off from another app's database, doing (partial) replication of relevant parts and creating sub feeds under the root meta feed. I'm going to write down the details of this next week (right now I'm busy making a Manyverse release), but it should be very relevant to Tremola, and maybe we could try implementing the first A2A demo between Manyverse and Tremola in the coming months, if time allows.

Other comments:

  • You implemented the whole SSB stack from scratch in Kotlin?
  • What did you learn by implementing EBT? (I see you may have some posts already drafted)
  • I see you're supporting both sigil SSB IDs and DIDs, what about SSB URIs? Did you think of those?
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