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new features

  • merging!
    • new crut.update behaviour for branched state:
      • updates auto-merge branched state where possible
      • if there's a conflict you get an error back with err.conflictFields which tell you what needs addressing
    • new behaviour:
      • spreads "best guess" props state into root of record
      • if there's a branched state, this is the auto-merged state (if possible) OR the most recently updated branch
      • adds record.conflictFields - an Array of fields there are conflicts on if the state is branched
  • publishAs type API for DB2
    • see opts.publish and opts.feedId on initialization
  • better spec checks:
    • updated protected fields to include states, key!
    • protect against use of same fieldName in props AND staticProps

breaking changes

  • signature of opts.isValidNextStep has changed
  • all strategies passed into spec.props fields now must have an isValidMerge function
    • you will get a error if it doesn't
    • all the common strategies have new versions supporting this,just install latest versions


Big thanks to @cpilbrow + @arj for all the contributions (code and discourse that informed it)

Colin's work on detecting merge conflicts was a major contibution that made this releease possible.

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Yeah super excited for this one - handling branching state elegantly was one of the last major things we needed for this module

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@mix.desktop i sort of wanna try this out, the tangle stuff is so cool

would you say the datastructures (as opposed to just the apis) won't get any breaking changes in the future, i.e. should people feel safe putting this in production?

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