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Re: %Wg09MB8P6

I actually have something similar running here on my local community mesh network. I do have a ssb-browser-client running, but it's still using the same network-key as our main network, creating rooms/pubs for a separate network is essential so that content from here doesn't leak to our community-ssb-network (language and interest barriers).

In a mesh network hops don't make much of a difference, as anyone on the lan will show up as a local connection.

Me and @nonlinear are currently writing a grant to incorporate SSB as the main database for a #community-first app experience, like having a map of the community as main entry-point, so people have an immediate familiarity with the new digital territory.

Creating local economic networks is a big challenge which we've been trying to tackle in different ways over the years. The community map showing local goods and services has been the closest to something useful. We also started a local market on Sundays, which has been the biggest success, hard to replicate something like that digitally. But @miles has been thinking and researching a lot around that, and we're currently working on a community-reciprocity app using SSB.

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