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Little weekend project: a Node.js native module written in Zig.

This started by thinking of writing BIPF in C/C++. But the feeling of brushing off my C/C++ skills under many layers of dust after 10+ years felt daunting, and it came to mind that Zig is a nice new language to substitute C/C++, so I thought, why not.

I still haven't started building BIPF in Zig, but at least having the example project up is a good starting point, and useful for other people out there too, so that's why I'm publishing it.

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@andrestaltz­čô▒ I don't know that much about these native bindings, I see you are making some progress in the issue you are linking. Maybe you can check what the overhead is for transferring data between Zig and node first. That way you have a baseline.

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