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I think me and @Hiure are the people holding the most info at the moment. @cel has just asked me about it too. Let me sum up at what point we are at:

Our main channel for inviting people to participate in organizing the event was the CoolabCamp Telegram group. Besides us from #coolab, only another person from our network joined the first meetings. We decided on a process where we would have at least two places to choose from. So we had two meetings with the people responsible for these two places, and gathered detailed information about infraestructure, available services, natural surroundings, prices, etc.

The two places are:

  • Aldeia Multi-Étnica: Alto Paraíso de Góias, GO (my village wouldn't support such an event, so this is close to town)
  • Coletivo Neos: Ubatuba, by the coast in São Paulo

There's a lot of information, photos and videos on their websites, and we have more detailed information in our notes that are still all-over-the-place. We've lost a bit of focus since Hiure left for India to stay a season with @Sanketh and @dinesh, but all these inquiries are helping me to push for movement.

As I wrote to Cel:

I think we're at a point where some outside input would be welcome to help us decide on the place for the event. Do u know others who might be interested in helping out?

My suggestion for our small group is to open up for a broader body of people to analyze the options and brainstorm pros and cons together. Is it time for a dedicated group on Signal for everyone interested in putting energy into this?

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