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Scuttlebutt Strategy 2022


There are many of us growing on Scuttlebutt. We sometimes talk, and sometimes are on our own adventures.

This is an invitation to share your current thinking and plans.
At the end of this, I hope that we have clarity about what we're each planning (and why), and maybe we have some more friends.

This can also help inform future decisions about what we're funding.


If you care and would like to participate you are welcome.
I imagine those who are already contributing through e.g. community gardening (welcoming, guiding, care work), documentation, discourse, code, money, might find this the most enriching.


We are a plurality of perspectives, so there is no aim to resolve "one true strategy".
Rather I would like to lead us through a simple process for surfacing our work / thinking, and then connecting with others.

Week 1 - sharing + listening

Each butt starts a thread sharing their personal roadmap/ strategy/ thinking.

- The format is up to you.
- Keep in mind you're trying to make it accessible to others, so you might want to give some back-story about your motivation, goals, assumptions (not just the finished product of your thinking)
- If you're daunted, just start a thread and start sharing, other participants can help draw more out through questions.
- **Help people find it** - post a link to it in this thread, use the #strategy2022 tag

Listen to the other-butts

- Read each others threads, ask, clarify questions.
- Try to focus on understanding the person's perspective (not to argue it's relevance)
- _It's tempting to debate your personal perspectives but I'd encourage you to_ hold _a little, and read each others stories before getting to that_

Week 2 - synthesis

Let's look for commonalities, compare/ contrast, challenge one another more.
Let's figure out what this looks like together. It could be:

  • you host a call for people interested in theme X you've seen
  • starting a thread
  • ....

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an index of some threads I've seen so far

Nichoth >>>

Stevelord >>>

Spencer >>>

Mix >>>

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epk >>>

Maleficient >>>

Notplants >>>

arj >>>

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cel >>>

Peter_C_Dolan >>>

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We've got a couple more day before we shift into the next phase (see Week 2 above).

If you wanted to post something, or haven't read and asked clarifying questions, now's a good time!

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Rabble >>>

bobhaugen >>>

punkmonk >>>

Eragon >>>

trav >>>

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Week 2 - synthesis


In week 1, we focused on inviting people to share and listen. Now we turn towards seeing if there's anything to make from what you've learnt. Did you notice a theme that you think needs exploring more? Do you notice any tensions/ contradictions between your work and someone elses? Have you found a "maybe-collaborator" that you'd like to talk more with?

This week it's up to you to decide what you, or the community might benefit from.
You're encouraged to start threads to explore, to invite someone for a call, to propose an idea and see who'd like to join an adventure, ... or to organise something in whatever format works for you.

If you're shy or not sure, you can start with a message to a butt you're friends with (or would like to be friends with). If you missed week 1, or haven't had a chance to read everthing, that's fine, just read a couple that you might want to connect with, OR just start whatever anyway :P

Have fun! :heart: :pineapple: :turtle:

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