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@Daan %qJhLm4bTqzwyIML/rJGAgQ4qGizfyquiq+50v/ONrrw=.sha256

I like it, it's less overbearing. :)

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@mix.exe %aAMZdYMnhVwvTFMAhbT72qfoGS2yI9XO9vBVFfXssMo=.sha256

I don't like the bar at all - for desktop I would resent the vertical space taken.
Re: colour, it feels empty, I think it should be different to the body / content colour. I would personally want it de-emphasised relative to what I want most of my attention on (i.e. maybe another muted thing, or maybe the white, but the Thread a calmer colour, lowering the contrast and size)

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@Dominic %CrguOnLuWJeX5tB7oZWOp0vX7S0l92X+8vcKo0TjPeo=.sha256

White is even more mainstream than blue! make it green!

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@andrestaltz %p5oEbhBgfW/NYa0bYBrbHNjZROep+iaX3WKBNgtkBSQ=.sha256

Here's a reference (Twitter web, on desktop):

screenshot of Twitter on a desktop browser

@andrestaltz %85UQ4b2MRHaARV2Vb0huSvckAtJpDMeCr7DhC0u0O9w=.sha256

It looks a lot nicer in dark mode, I wonder why...

screenshot of a new design of the manyverse top bar in dark mode

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %JoCa8FE/aswUHnMCHzwfBXdiX4/54/4miKWl2/uwPHk=.sha256

Want to crazy with that top? Let the user chose the color or place an image there... People love customising stuff. You don't need to save that customisation to the feed, just save it to the preferences.

@andrestaltz %/A8Nl6wCuc3O3Ey3EdkQxud3DAUNoW04Vq7JQgLu2Js=.sha256

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) That's a nerd snipe to add a color picker that works for all 5 OSs, plus I know people will want to customize more than just the top bar. Not going fall for that trap :)

Customization will come, later.

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %OvGjxDRYWsbPS99fYqYEW8YyLcqf+4JJEFCsIWNJOR8=.sha256

Just imagine....

โœจ Manyverse
Manycustomisations ๐ŸŽ†
Manyhappiness ๐Ÿ˜ป

/me reloading the nerdsnipe gun... I can do it... I can take a sucessful nerdshot!

@andrestaltz %M96OQ7gXFEcpkc5d3p7iJ8PL5zN7hCDxk31rnJh+AU4=.sha256

How about this? And this time it's not just the top bar, but pay attention to the Thread card itself:

  • Timestamp below the name
  • "..." on the top right corner
  • "React" on the bottom left
  • List of reactions on the bottom center
  • Comment counter on the bottom right

screenshot of a variant of manyverse's UI, where the Thread card has a different placement for the buttons

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %XZx7zM0pT7l9I+hul/zb6envgmGZ5dqRaSGRwZ7kPiY=.sha256

I really like how the card is organised.

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@Danie %Q41rRSHr60th4fesWJ5lIU5SYD3W+X2yCKafsiuTFcA=.sha256

I just noticed the progress bar on the mobile client - must say I really do like that!

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@mix.exe %1cy/4nIjqaBMYxevhoPO7Rnc7vXqraZfQ0G1NNZifJg=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.e
@mix.exe %+UqV15xX6B4bA+LC4aHVew/UkUQSFdTfLC8NMrfGA30=.sha256
Voted Just imagine.... _โœจ Manyverse_ _Manycustomisations ๐ŸŽ†_
@mix.exe %pburbcltLYpxSQ2/ATYwzLDSjeD76RNP2bORPDqpeVc=.sha256
Voted I had to wait for other people to comment because I'm colorblind and was wo
@mix.exe %rhZwRuwoJj72uj3Gf6f0kXf5+m1/4xo3Fel7E5WHcuU=.sha256

@andrestaltz๐Ÿ“ฑ can you provide the data + html template so we can all have a play?

In my experience tricky things to design cards for are:

  • long name
  • very short content
  • long content

You current card is pretty excellent I think, the only thing I think is weird is that the "action to take" for emojis is unclear... like where do I click?


sigh... you got me... yeah this doesn't fully resolve the tension I feel, but I like that the like aren't part of the post, and the action is in a different area. Ideally the "summary" area of like + replies would be distinct from the "action" area where you perform a like/read/post comments

@mix.exe %Xsmb6zvdCMeuDR1nm1LBnXqInZdCSKJ1nKhezQBGSTE=.sha256

Oh yeah final thing - the links that POKE your eyes out :point_right: :eyes:



@mix.exe %keIOp8LBl4LActb4N7UL7x/vTlI7CCb4Z/b5uNf+CHY=.sha256

Emoji variants which show

  • image.png - you've left an emoji
  • image.png - you've commented on this thread
@andrestaltz %OXUVe8pLU92nHZhtobUgRLlAlNqv5NayDZljDLGoftg=.sha256

@mix.desktop You have a good point when suggesting the (horizontal) reactions list should be on the bottom left. I'm only a little concerned that the add-reaction button on the bottom right would be too "hidden" from the user's gaze.

@andrestaltz %ixN+vHv+QFAAsd3f4TMjzsSxR7p9xJQ+kr322k8+1vs=.sha256

I like this now! The reactions list really should be on the bottom left because it's in the correct place when the eye movement is "reading". And all the actions on the right portion of the card, which makes some sense (you start reading on the left part of the card and you take action on the right part).

new design of the thread card

Coincidentally, it also means that footer/header UI elements were just rotated around counter-clockwise. This could be good for intuition, makes it more predictable to know where the UI element was moved to in the new design.

chart that shows how UI elements were rotated counter-clockwise.

PS: the emojis are now bigger, too. They used to be "small" font size, now they're "normal".

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@andrestaltz %oxy0cZvBuNe7vW1+UR8lwQPHxjtvRU8MT7BMMmOjUCE=.sha256

@Dave 2 gave some good feedback in our manyverse team chat:

Disclaimer: this one looks better and Iโ€™ll talk only about the bottom part of the card.

This is adding a ton of importance to the reactions without fixing any of my previous complains, and itโ€™s also relegating the comments CTA to the farthest place in the card, when is maybe the most important interaction we want from users in general (to create conversations).

We are supposed to try or want to eliminate the dependence and anxiety cause by the Like, nevertheless we are putting it here as the main interaction with your content and the most visible information related to your or any other post.

I donโ€™t see how a list of ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ is different than ๐Ÿ‘4, maybe in this case we are literally encouraging the user to fill that row and at the same time improving their counting skills.

Visually, I hate that emoji rainbow cluttering the UI and screaming for attention.

Now I kind of feel that information is unnecessary and useless, and I would completely remove it from Manyverse.

I agree with Dave on the comments CTA being too hidden, and disagree on the "emoji rainbow" effect (it's a feature to some, a bug to others, unclear which side wins).

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@andrestaltz %zNZWqd+rVWwYJHAGZHaWZCx5Ef2X32Q925FJgMXx5w0=.sha256

@cblgh Yes you can tap anywhere, but the comments counter (number) is an important piece of info, and people who learn left-to-right languages pay more attention to things on the left.

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@andrestaltz %99AyOvhx3N40PSerhdEwJ71hgs/MFJp6qNy5hK/Q9j0=.sha256

I haven't made my mind, and I'm giving this design a chance for a while (I'm using this on my own manyverse) as a test drive:

screenshot of manyverse in development

@andrestaltz %eiMNt0l4feYNh04QgAfd8tzIM7BeuHdFmKZl6QUDD5I=.sha256

Another idea is to change the footer, but keep it as it was, just replacing the "..." with a share button (this will become relevant once manyverse has an "invite friend" flow which may be integrated with a "share post" flow).

@andrestaltz %y0AjG/HQvo2gYTwzLdw8i44vnN+7GI/qEBLhX6q4E6A=.sha256

I'll stop spamming y'all here because I think I've made my mind with this one:

screenshot of manyverse in development

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