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looks like 2021 is. bit of a crossroads year for ssb

I really see it as the Hype Cycle chart. To refresh some people's brains, this chart:


I think we are at the Through of Disillusionment. Peak of Inflated Expectations is when everyone had a collective honeymoon romance with SSB, where it seemed that this was a new religion, even. I believe the Peak happens because early adopters arrive as quickly as they leave. I've seen early adopters in other hyped projects. They are often very intelligent and creative people who are constantly in search of novelty, and who quickly grasp difficult concepts and engage meaningfully. But they also get bored, because they're smart. So they move on to other novelties. That's why the Peak. Also, notice the chart mentions "negative press" at the top, and we got that already.

The next adopters are a bit slower, they need assurances, they need tutorials, they need solid foundations, they need the social confirmation from other people. So the Through of Disillusionment happens because you lose early adopters faster than you gain "next adopters".

My own perspective of it is actually very positive, I can see the Slope of Enlightment already. NGI Pointer funding has been a phenomenal force for improvements, and y'all have only seen roughly 30% of its conclusion. Project management is really important, and I think we did it better this time. I mean, @cryptix and I have been around to see the "SSBC Grants" (2017), which was also 200k in funding, and it had a smaller impact on SSB improvement in my opinion, because most of the SSBC Grants were never completed, there was no follow-ups or accountability or anything. @zelf and I were in the subsequent "SSB Handshake Council" (2018-2019), which managed it better and more democratically than the SSBC Grants, but still, there's so much more we learned since then.

Personally speaking, the future for Manyverse is looking really bright, first of all because we're getting a desktop app soon. There is enough funding for @Powersource (phone) to work in the summer. The current OpenCollective funding is approaching "full time 1dev", which means a lot because after NGI Pointer ends for me, if I then reach full time Manyverse allocation, then it means that a lot of my "overhead work" that usually goes into finding funding and ensuring livelihood, all of that becomes unnecessary and I'll have more focus on Manyverse. And if the trend continues, it'll be more people. Sometimes out of the blue, someone donates a huge amount of money, and my reaction is like "this is not real. are you real? how do I even thank you?"

Post ended without a meaningful concluding paragraph, because it's sleep-o-clock.

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