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@Anders %i1ZdHr+QjBoN618J4zTZHCg/lXvimYH5W9NjvCfLu8M=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Been working on getting meta feeds into shape. Still about 27% done, so lots of work to do on that one.

Other stuff:

  • Helped Andre with getting the manyverse release ready
  • Paired with @mixmix on private groups. We used ssb-fixtures (see this PR) to generate a bunch of groups and mesages in these and found a few different bugs. If you want to help getting private groups ready for prime time that is a very good place to start :)
  • Worked on a faster sort in jitdb that has some nice improvements for queries like get me the latest 10 public posts for my whole database. Before it had to sort all the possible results before it could return the latest 10 based on timestamp. I tried a bunch of stuff including radix sort but nothing really helped until I thought, wait! Lemire must have thought about this problem before and yes of course he has. He even made a nice library that we could use.
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