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A new version has shipped. The main feature for this version is the new Patchfox app called Books that provides book club features similar to those of Patchbay.


I apologise for the amount of deep development topics in this changelog. I try to describe the changes in terms of their high-level impact and usability, but during the making of this version there were so many silly gotchas, that to document everything I had to resort to tech speak.

  • npm scripts: The copy:docs script was wrong and was not copying root files. Patched many of those scripts.
  • Spectre.css: Browserify was borking the import from node_modules/, so I made an extra copy:spectre-icons-css script that copies it to the default theme directory, and patched the SCSS code to import from there.
  • NPM flamefest while updating: 😤 A gazillion errors happened when trying to bring dependencies up to date...
  • Zine: The old masonry grid was buggy. Unfortunately Firefox is yet to support grid-template-rows: masonry;. So I'm using a fallback to CSS Grid, and left the masonry grid template in place. I expect support for that CSS will arrive shortly since it is already possible to use it in Firefox if you switch some internal flags in about:config.
  • CSP: Had to change the CSP for the add-on to support unsafe-eval because ssb-gatherings uses Function(). Mozilla will probably complain and reject the add-on because of that. I might need to revert this and remove some of the gathering features.
  • Show unknown renamed to show extras in display settings: At the beginning Patchfox had a core set of messages that it understood. As the packaging system expanded, this set became a dynamic set based on which packages are loaded. To be able to view these potential extra messages on thread viewers, you need to enable Show Extra in the Display Settings. The default option has been changed to display these extra messages.
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Besides Patchfox, what other clients support book club messages? I'm only aware of Patchbay.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this release and that you all make use of the book club features. Maybe at some point I'll try to make an importer for goodreads and the storygraph, maybe.

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For the developer-curious among you all, here is the source for the books package:

I hope this can demonstrate how easy it is to plug a complete new feature into Patchfox.

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Like, it took me most of the day to do this, but:

  1. I had no idea how books worked on Patchbay, so I had to research.
  2. I am not a fast developer, I type slowly and favour an iterative approach by trying things out even when I know they will error out just to see if the error being triggered is the one I expect.

I think it took me about six hours to implement this, don't know, I was not counting. I still consider this a victory. Book club is a wonderful feature and more clients should implement it.

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Please, if you're a Patchfox user and received the update already, tell me how it is going! I WANT TO KNOW! Does it work on other machines?

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Still, on the topic of, the whole Books app is 642 lines of code. You can create and integrate a new application in Patchfox in less than a thousand lines.

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SoapDog (Macbook Air),

tell me how it is going!

I just posted my first book review... ever? Surely the first one since I messed around with patchbay when I first found ssb. This is awesome!

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patchfoo has everything, it is just a tight bundle of love <3 <3 <3

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Image 2021-05-14 20-29-33.png

I can see your review :D this stuff is working!

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Voted ![Patchfox 2021.5.1.png](&0qq+eiR+75gp2rzhwYpBQ6qklOBVAOB02PouqkMipO0=.sha2
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@ZACH ALSO! when it first started loading the books on that view, I got sooooo happy. I was like: "I'm gonna bring this feature back from the dead!"

I just hope this foster more activity around books. There still need some more features, such as comments on reviews and books, but it is a good start. I will also check how goodreads and storygraph export data to see if an importer can be built. The hard part is actually reconciling books already on SSB with data from external sources, since the books on SSB don't carry any form of unique id (like ISBNs). I guess the process will have to be partially manual with the user giving the final approval on tentative matches. Anyway, that's for the future, for now we can just enjoy it.

Is there a feature you or others here would like to see next?

I'm gonna look into chess, but since it apparently require a plugin, I might not be able to do it.

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Oh, reminding everyone using Patchfox that CTRL+M will open the launcher in any Patchfox view, you don't need to go to the menus to do it.

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Need to document this stuff...

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