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#Manyverse 0.2206.3-beta

Promo graphic showing a mobile phone with the Manyverse app open, displaying a Gathering created by zelf for Solpunk 22

🎉 Feature: attend Gatherings
✅ (iOS) Bug fix: crash on iPad when attaching images
✅ (iOS) Bug fix: dont show Bluetooth sync choice
✅ Bug fix: crash on malformed contact msgs
✅ Bug fix: emoji picker should show your favorites
🔷 Improve Russian translation

Thanks to collaboration between @atomrc 💻 and @andrew 🐝, Gatherings has landed! It's gorgeous, it's sharp, and most importantly, it lets you know about events going on. If you're a Manyverse user based in Europe, please go check @zelf's Gathering for Solpunk '22, it's unfortunate that all Manyverse users have missed this announcement. But, the event is in late August, so it's not too late!

One thing to note about Gatherings: they're still read-only mode. You can confirm attendance to a gathering, but you can't yet create nor edit gatherings. That's going to be the next thing we'll work on, and it's not so easy to build because it involves date pickers, which are surprisingly full of corner cases. We want to build it properly, y'all deserve it. :wink: Have a good weekend!

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@andrestaltz the android direct download link 404s at the moment. Please halp, can't wait to do events on mobile! 😍

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