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1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB work?
I've been using AGPL-3.0 for everything new for years

2. why have you chosen what you’ve chosen?
I like the idea of copy-left and making it hard for companies to steal work and not contribute back
I admit that I haven't done deep learning or conversation on this topic before.

Working with #ahau has brought a new perspective to open source. I don't think MIT is all that chill if you're an indigenous group - it's an invitation for more stealing, as opposed to an invitation to partnership and growing each others mana.
For me copy-left feels like at least a stop-gap which forces a conversation if some company wants to take code (though I've not advertised anywhere about dual licensing, might be open to it)

3. what experiences have you had as a result of license choices?
Did a government project where we had to report on the licenses in our dependency tree. Highly recommend that exercise.
I haven't had any troubles with licenses to date, probably because no-one proprietary has wanted to use my code

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