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Re: %3E++5IPsL

Last weeks were spent on making a thing we can show off, and I personally think it's in great shape! Also see and ping me via a DM if you want to check it out, too.

The monthly overview from github right now shows 42 Pull requests merged by 3 people and 44 Issues closed by 3 people. If you want to go even deeper you can check out the milestone we made for the NGI presentation last week. There still is a wee bit of stuff to polish of before we do the community launch. I plan to pick one or two of these up per week and plan to have it open for consumption as a packaged release by the end of this month.

While I'm shifting gears to get into go-ssb core and focus on partial replication, I'm helping @cblgh with his netsim endeavours, and will also spent some thoughts on hours on getting a versioned release of go-ssb out that will work a fork of oasis (which I'm using on my @cryptix-reformed already). This week I will probably spent some time fixing fallout from the muxrpc changes I did to get the room stable.

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