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what happens when you run out of storage space

Currently it will just fail to write anything new ;-) It does partial replication so the storage requirement is not as big as a normal client. As part of the grant we will be trying to tackling the problem of infinite growth that the current log structure dictates. That part will start in 3 months time roughly, but will be spec'ed over the next couple of months. It might end up using something like meta feeds. But that is still to be determined :)

blob storage

Yeah so blobs are different than the log, as it is in a normal ssb client as well. The existing blobs library is very fs dependant so I couldn't use that. Instead I wrote a small module that uses the same blobs protocol but stores the data using the same polyraf library. The core library has a parameter where you can say that you only want to download and store blobs under a certain size. It will then stream larger blobs so they don't take up space. Another approach would be use something like the blobs purge library.

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