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On Wednesday, Nicholas, Mix and I had a short meeting to review the "registration flow", which means the process of a person discovering about a Group and applying to join the room.

A group's conversations are private to its members, but the existence of a group is not private. Every group will have what we call a "door", which is a profile detailing what that group is about, who is a member, and instructions to join the group. Any person can then apply to join that group, answering some questions to prove they should be a member. The admins will then see this and have the power to approve or reject the application. This is not the only way of joining a group, the other way is via an invite. This flow is for the random people who are interested in joining a group. See diagram below:

FigJam flowchart detailing how people can apply to become member of any group

On another topic, I'm almost done with the "downhill" part of the ssb-db2 refactor. I created these modules:

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