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2021.6.1 wider browser release.png

Patchfox 2021.6.1 is now available on the Chrome Web Store. This is part of our push to become a viable main client.

Do you use Chrome, Vivaldi, or Brave as your main Web Browser? Now you can use Patchfox too.

The wider browser release is part of what I requested funds for, but instead of sitting idle and waiting for the result of the funding request period, I decided to keep pushing forward on that plan. This release solves the following issues:

Here is a screenshot of Vivaldi running a fresh installation of Patchfox from the Chrome Web Store:
Patchfox - Public - Vivaldi 2021-06-12 19-40-05.png

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If you install it, please post a screenshot (beware, do not post screenshot from the preferences, your secret is visible there)! :D

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@S0ur_Patch (Laptop) thanks for the screenshot <3 <3 <3 quick question, did you move the browser toolbar icon somewhere, or is it broken? I don't see a patchfox ico nthere but I see a generic extension icon, I'm worried :-)

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