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As most days I started my lunch break just a little too late to catch good light. Need to change that. 😐

View of dramatic clouds over the snow-topped French alps

The Chamrousse ski station on top of the Chamrousse mountain slope. In the foreground, the iconig Grenoble skyscrapers Tours Belledonne and Tour Mont Blanc

Also could have brought the 500mm for this one, there was enough light for it to avoid the fringy open aperture. Next time I guess. 🤷

#aroundme #grenoble

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Voted As most days I started my lunch break just a *little* too late to catch goo
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Those are some pretty amazing mountain ranges there!
and then those concrete buildings as big slabs in the foreground; Looks awesome!

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What really gets me is that in sunlight, those buildings look bright white. But with the clouds you really see that they're wearing "crowns". These buildings are (cleverly, IMHO) built to maximize window & balcony surface. The result is that starting below the top two floors, the facade collects all the dust & dirt from above. Only the top two floors are white. :D

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