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Re: %Pg7+lVNJS

Temp graph for today. Can see where my software switched to a more aggressive run mode as the rain cleared up later in the day. Small problem with dipping slightly below zero before the software turns it off, which will need to be dealt with.


The heating and cooling slopes are kind of sharp in the heat of the day, with it cycling twice per hour and running 15 minutes each time. And it was not super hot day.. 26 C.

But it was mostly empty still. Now I've upgraded to 17 gallons of thermal mass (cold spring water) plus a lot more veggies, and I hope that will level out the slopes more. In any case it looks like it'll get through the night without running and still stay well cooler than the propane fridge.


Last week of fridge data (sensor was out of the fridge on the 15th).

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