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Re: %ragXFqk/k

@Entropy, that's quite interesting! I use Manyverse on an iphone with a relatively small capacity (64gb) and I very much like Manyverse not pulling in everything, connecting to everyone around and just replicating super broadly.

I'm also a huge fan of the new rooms idea (and the fact that it is now super stable under higher capacity after last weeks bug fixes to it). The whole point that SSB advertises itself on is to be "decentralized". Pubs tend to become central data-warehouses over time PicoPub sat at 40gb at the end of its life, that was with blops cleaning turned all the way up), while rooms and choosing to connect to people in rooms is more in the spirit of friends/followers directly connecting to each other.

I'm personally starting to regard pubs to be previous-class citizens. We still need to have pubs around for those communities and groups/flocks of users that just like it for its convenience, but Rooms are pretty much Pubs 2.0 in my head. My question would actually be "Is it possible to turn the pesky auto-discovery of pubs off in patchwork?". It's quite annoying to have to block em all one by one in order for them to not connect to me.

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