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@Anders %moyNLgMwROai8MKeyLWCBHocOncrcdXdLQbjeEABa+s=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Fixed an issue in epidemic broadcast trees that has been buggy me for a very long time, where if you loose your state, there was no way to make the other end acknowledge that and send you stuff again. Really nice to have @cryptix there to pair on a solution with.

Tried converting ssb-social-index and ssb-suggest to ssb-db2. Landed some PRs, sadly its not there yet. We worked on bunch on this about issue, the question is do you want the assigned names of the network or only self-assigned names? Maybe with the ability for yourself to assign names. Right now I'm back to a level index of self-assigned names in browser-core.

Worked on supported db2 in ssb-friends. That also turned into a untangle the dependencies between replicate and ssb-friends a bit, meaning you can use ssb-friends to only care about the graph stuff and not all the replication stuff. This way it is possible to run friends without the replication plugin as we do in browser-core.

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