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Last week was good, in terms of coding. I finished the nasty parts of the ssb-db2 refactor and now it's a downhill ride. I'm quite happy about this refactor, because in many ways it simplifies code, and helps to know where to put new code. This separation of concerns also helped me understand how box2 key management should work. Arj and I also tweaked the performance of buttwoo a bit. We knew the refactor would cause a performance regression, so we tried to recover some performance without undoing the refactor, and I think we got to a satisfactory level of performance. When everything is done, the structure of modules should look like this:

mermaidjs diagram of a computer-science-graph of npm modules related to ssb-db2

Mix, Arj and I also continued tweaking the design of metafeeds to accommodate groups. The current state is that under your root metafeed you'll have a predefined number of subfeeds, only these: main, indexes, groups, social, games, collab. And then under each of these we will have a recommendation to use first-byte-categorization (I don't know what to call it, it's similar to what ssb-blobs does to your ssb/blobs/sha256 folder). This is to avoid any metafeed having too many messages to be replicated, with "too many" meaning "thousands". With first-byte-categorization we limit the message count of a metafeed to 256. More details in issue ssb-meta-feeds-spec#30, and the diagram below:

mermaidjs diagram of a computer-science-tree of metafeeds and subfeeds

Nicholas and Mix collaborated on making diagrams to describe the invite flow, to add new members. We didn't have our Friday meeting last week, so they'll show these diagrams this week. I can update y'all about these diagrams on the next Team Diary update. :v:

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