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Re: %lVps/l/Rk

I've been away for a while. NZ is essentially covid free and it's the height of summer. I feel it's my duty to be having fun on behalf of the rest of the world that currently cannot. I've been to 3 festivals this summer. Normally I'd consider one to be "enough". I mean, really not want to go to another for several months at least...

Anyway, I'm back with angle grinder in hand.

It's time to start getting more fiberglass on. The thing I'm currently trying to figure out, whats the best order of operations?

I think the sterns could have the rudder cases glassed first, then the decks, then the inside sides, then the beam boxes built.

The bows just need the decks, the inside sides, then the beam boxes. The starboard bow also has some outside to do, but less than the starboard stern did.

whether to glass one thing before another really depends on how the glass overlaps. the trickiest part is definitely the rudder cases. therefore rudder cases up to the deck level, then overlap the deck on to that, then the sides on to the deck?

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It's great to see you back! Any interesting toilets you found on those festivals? 😁

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dammit, I did not actually intend to make that a separate thread.

Our themecamp actually brings it's own toilet. It's such a nicer experience to the portaloos that a group of people walking all the way back to camp to pee is a thing that happens. We also introduced a surprisingly fun camp log book, where we keep track of all manner of things, but relevant here is who does the toilet service (buckets need to be switched about once a day) and when.

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oh it's your thread, not mine

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I figured the boat thread and the poop-thread should be separate 😆

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I've almost done it by accident so many times that I thought this was one of those

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