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@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %nK9axEYaNHslOvM7/0+JDI3vEbp+MJ2tGYHw7absOhQ=.sha256

@arj are the browser demos offline? Somehow I can't reach any of the URLs.

@Anders %f128qQ2fBKWL1ZbQJEX+M9wWSFj9rMvE+NIvI+0klTQ=.sha256

yeah sorry. I had to shutdown my vps.

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %alxqbbDrLUoJjXECV5mFNylzs0tmrLACnxBZ+I061PE=.sha256

oh, makes sense. :-) no worries, I'll just clone the repos. I'm trying to add ssb-browser to Patchfox and want to play with those demos. By the way, is there an API for importing keys? I see that in a first-run it generates keys, but I wonder, is there a way for me to supply the keys? I'm asking because Patchfox stores multiple identities, and I would like to use Patchfox key storage to keep the ssb-browser identity and load it as needed.

@Anders %IhKHtVjRtVtofx/oXRCDJ5w6bIolJp8hNeqm1smW/3M=.sha256

check localStorage :-)

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