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Thanks for starting this thread @mix.desktop

  1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB work?

I have mainly been using Beerware license and LGPL.

  1. why have you chosen what you’ve chosen?

The first FOSS software I did was only GPL. Over time I have seen that it matters more what relationship you have with users of you code than the actual license. Because of this I like Beerware because it at least tries to communicate that hey there is another person at the other end, not a corporation with minions churning out code. For the #ngipointer work everything has been LGPL because that seems like a good fit for libraries and is FOSS complient which was a requirement from the EU.

  1. what experiences have you had as a result of license choices?

Recently I have run into a few situations where AGPL requires me or @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts to change license or remove packages: rusty validate in db2, ssb-blob-files, gatherings. I have never really taken that seriously but sooner or later one has to.

I think for the software we are building here where there is a high degree of autonomy of peers built into the very design of the protocol makes it less likely that an extractive company would come along and built something on top of this.

What I value the most is that people working on this will be compensated fairly for the work they do so we don't end up in a extractive open source consumerism model. I think that has more to do with consistently delivering high quality that people or organisations value enough to support. The work you have been doing as well as manyverse are good examples of this.

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