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Community Server

I've been running #kolibri and #jellyfin on a Raspberry Pi 3+ connected to a TP Link WDR 3500 router running #librerouteros during the Pahy meeting and on Huyno's house most days. Need to adapt the community portal for their needs. But they were all very interested specially in the movies and also in the filtering aspects of Intranets.

Need to arrange conversations with teachers and overall community to better understand what content we should be putting up. A good opportunity to come up with a methodology for surveying information needs in such communities. #communitynetworks in Mexico have lots to teach, will re-visit their materials.

LoRa Implementation

In the first day we left a node with one of the DIY ground-planes at Manuel Alves village, which is closer to town and furthest from Serra Grande. But it seems we'll need Yagis for these ~20Km links between hills.

In the first three days we managed to get a 18Km LoRa link working between two hills using the large Yagis I bought, and from them to two distant villages: Serra Grande to Galheiros.


Galheiros was holding the meeting of all chiefs. They saw the experiment working and were thrilled. Many came asking me to visit their villages to connect them.

The meeting started warming up and we had no time to experiment for the next few days. After a few rainy days we came back to testing with two nodes in the same house, but only they would show up, not the two hill nodes.

I've been using BATMAN protocol for meshing with #libremesh and #librerouter, but I'm not sure how it works, I know there are originators and neighbors. I'm also not sure how I should be testing #meshtastic networks. I've been using mainly the Python cli. All nodes are using v1.1.6 and the two hill nodes are using router-mode which should be helping saving battery, and indeed it is, but what I noticed is that they don't seem to wake up, but disabling doesn't seem to help either.

Should I be using the v1.0.0 as it's more stable? Is there a reason why messages aren't waking up the two hills nodes?

Yagi Antennas


We started experimenting with DIY Yagis. They have meters of spare 4mm copper wire, so that's what we have. We used this folded dipole calculator and this yagi calculator. But the dipole never matched, we had to do some guess work to get it to around 900Mhz. I'm guessing the diameter of the material used isn't matching with the calculator, but without Internet I couldn't really do any research. The dipole we ended up using was quite smaller then the one the calculator suggested.

Any recommendations for folded dipole and yagi calculators? Any good Android apps?

Copper will brittle, is there any good way to protect it, or any other material we could use?

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