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@Daan %pSxDsI8ZShdy/ijoxKYwF8Rif1KaRRc1Px+O3mwFWXg=.sha256
Re: %czTyW4/E9

Phew... I was sooo wrong. Thank you git bisect...
There were actually two independent issues apparently: one relating to ssb-query and one relating to ssb-backlinks, both of which got bumped and also bumped their respective flumedb indexes.
Reverting those two version bumps seems to fix this for me. I spent quite a few hours going back and forth with git bisect. By the way, this only became possible once I set up a minimal example for this, making a full iteration "reset ~/.ssb, rebuild patchwork, start, check result" last only one or two minutes.

So, I don't understand these issues. But frankly, none of these two bumps seem critical. So I'll revert them, and the last patchwork version will be characteristically un-bumped. 😆

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