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On my phone, I've been connecting to zero pubs, just 2 rooms (@Hendrik's Pico and my Hermiesroom) and that's been well enough for all my updates. Patchwork behaves very differently because it autoconnects to any pub it finds out there. I think this autoconnection behavior is a harmful thing, because it's enough that someone 2 or 3 hops from you declares a "pub" message, and that's it, you will connect to that pub. Further, I'd like to try a bit more radically the rooms-only approach, I want to learn what the upsides/downsides are, and I think it's going to be nicer to avoid randos.

Currently, all rooms are open invites, so randos could still connect with you, but for the next iteration of rooms we would add a mechanism that only allows people to connect through rooms when they mutually follow (are "friends") each other.

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