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Re: %z67qIDFcO

I would like to take the opportunity to suggest both archiving Patchbay and Sunrise Choir and put the funds in the SSBC for other uses (respectively 3325.50 USD and 5665.67 USD for a total of 8991.17 USD). Would @mix.desktop and @dinoworm 🐛 be ok with this?

since the most immediate issue is resolved, what do people think about if the Sunrise Choir passed on some or all of their funds to PeachCloud, since they are actively working on the Scuttlebutt-in-Rust stack? (cc @glyph @notplants) i may be silly but i don't want to easily give up on the vision of Scuttlebutt-in-Rust, i appreciate the funds we were given and would love to still put them to good use. if anyone has other ideas, please do share. 😺

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