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NGI - Rooms and Metafeed Documentation ✨ #dev-diary

I have been working with the amazing humans involved with the NGI Pointer grant to write documentation for Rooms 2.0 and Metafeeds.

This thread will be my lil writing journal, neé development diary, for this work. Follow along to learn about documentation and to help me review it, plz.

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Rooms 2.0 documentation

I have just sent a PR for the Secure Scuttlebutt Protocol Guide adding a some minimal documentation for Rooms 2.0. You can view the guide with this documentation in place in my working fork.

Many of the new technology coming to SSB has written specs already. It is mostly a matter of writing wrapper documentation and linking the specs.

I opted to write Rooms 2.0 first so that I could get familiar with how the protocol guide HTML is structured and get some workflow going. I think I'm ready to start on Metafeeds now.

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