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@Matt Lorentz (planetary) %6Qryrc8IdZcfQy4Od2Iw4ou0viAzWM4EGEQG/+rGWO0=.sha256

Nice. What did you change? We’ve been dealing with some replication issues on the latest version of go-ssb this week. I’m curious if you’ve seen the same.

@cryptix %zYw90+JqzBE01K2XtOde7c3tdnuprrEysls65HlEb08=.sha256

You might have. The peachcrew identified this testing locally but it could very well also affect replication.

You can start crawling up the chain here: - tl;dr: I botched up a refactor a while ago with a off-by-one...

cc @boreq

@Matt Lorentz (planetary) %3I/HD6kCSbA9XNzJHZo9DpSvWDCT17AcZEymUPTs+IE=.sha256

Ah, nice. I think we may have a similar but different off-by-one error in the Planetary Swift code right now 😓 there are only two hard problems or something.

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